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About *it

 What is “It”?

“It” is not your average magazine, I’d like to think of it as your friendly cool guide in life. We share our stories that I like from fashion, lifestyle, art, places … etc. And being an online magazine makes it very easy to be reachable.

How does “It” work?

Well, its easy. My job is to work hard on looking, finding and gathering up what I think has “it” wether it was a book that I couldn’t put down, a beauty product that I’ve tried and loved, or a place I’ve been to and wished everyone I know could visit. And since social media is growing crazy fast by the second, everything I present to you on the pages of “It” is linked to other sources for further more diving.

What should we expect from “It”?

A pleasant experience of joy and satisfaction.

In “It” I believe in growth and development. Being surrounded by great creatives is beyond priceless; its been amazing the amount of love and support I had since we started planning this exciting project.

I also believe in team work. Great team work will take anyone and everyone to the top, and the harder the effort means the greater the outcome.

The “It” Editor


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